Where to buy cheap gardening tools?

Gardening can be a therapeutic and relaxing form of activity, especially if you enjoy being around plants and working with your hands. Using the right kind of gardening tools not only makes your work easier, but also helps you to create the perfect garden you have always wanted. Gone are the days when digging sticks were used in the garden, as those have now been replaced by specialized tools now.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert gardener, it is important to do a little homework before investing in gardening tools. Let us highlight some of the best places to buy affordable gardening tools so that you can get everything you need as you stay on the budget.

Where to buy cheap gardening tools?

Plow & Hearth

One of the oldest retailers in the US, Plow & Heath has an amazing collection of garden tools & supplies. If you are low on budget or are even open for splurging, then this is the right place for you. They also have customization options for various products, like adding a name or quote to get that personal touch.

Pricing here starts from as low as $19 and can go up to $199 or more according to your budget. Other than gardening, they also sell indoor and outdoor living products at reasonable costs.

Gardener’s-Supply Company

With 2 stores in Vermont and in Lebanon as well as an online shopping website, Gardener’s-Supply Company is a gardener’s paradise. Yes, you heard that right! From watering cans and accessories and plants supports to pesticides and garden tools, there is everything all under one roof to make easy gardening.

Their online shopping website also has blog section with articles thoroughly explaining more on gardening. Not just that, their Gardener’s Club allows you a chance to be a member and be able to enjoy great benefits. What else do you need when you have got it all sorted here?

Garden Weasel Retailers

Known for the best quality gardening products, which are made of stainless steel as well as aluminum and finest metals, Garden Weasel has multiple stores in different states. Though a little limited on product range, they offer you good warranty on each of their products.

Few of them include cultivators, edgers, weeders, pick-up tools and even hand tools, covering most of your gardening needs. One of their most renowned tools is the Original Garden Weasel that has a 5-way cultivating tool to it. Also, most of their tools come with lifetime warranty so that you enjoy working with their tools and never have to worry about them breaking.

Black + Decker

Black+Decker has a global presence as they ship internationally as well other than owning the US Stores. The brand has products for various departments like pets store, home cleaning, power tools, and batteries. They also have accessories other than the lawn & gardening gears. You can buy equipment here as per the area you have because their products can cater to both the lawn and garden.

Reasonably priced, the tools are powerful with less manual work required, thereby saving your efforts altogether. So shop here if you are simply in favor of easy gardening!


Lowe’s is another one-stop solution for all your gardening, outdoor, home, as well as indoor modifications. Every department here is well organized to create hassle-free task for any type of activity. Lawn & Garden being just one of their sections out of the wide directory of products, Lowe’s is totally worth your money.

Present both online and offline, Lowe’s is a comparatively inexpensive retailer as compared to the rest. Since both price and utilities are taken care of well, Lowe’s is the right place for quality and quantity both at the same time.


Again a global shopping online website, the tools you find here are ideal for any kind of budget. Those who are just too lazy to visit the store buy it online from Amazon.

Quick delivery of products along with affordable pricing makes it the most preferred online shopping destination. As most of the gardening tools for both manual and electrical use are present on Amazon, customers love shopping here.


You can never go wrong shopping here without getting lost. Yes, Walmart is one such place where you find it difficult to choose as there are broader options for every product category. Gardening tools here start as low as $13 and so you can make a selection according to the brand you prefer. Since many brands are available here, you can get the best of everything here.

We hope you liked our list of some of the top places where you can purchase cheap gardening tools. The best part about most of these retail outlets is that they have an online presence too….just in case you fancy making orders from the comfort of your couch.