Growing a Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans seed

Coffee tea has been one of the most consumed beverages in the world for a long time. Making good espresso is a daily activity in some families as there is always a lover of coffee.  As such,  learning how to grow coffee beans is a worthwhile knowledge. Growing coffee beans involves a simple process that can be practiced at home.

Three stages are involved in growing coffee beans. The stages are; Pre-planting stage, Planting stage, and the Post-planting stage. Growing coffee beans is a simple but long term process. It takes an average of two and a half months for a fresh seed of coffee to germinate.

Pre-Planting Stage

Growing a coffee bean starts with securing some ripe coffee cherries. Coffee cherries can be harvested from a healthy coffee tree. In some cases, especially when coffee cherries are not accessible. A recent green coffee can be bought from a major supplier in your local environment.

After getting a coffee cherry from a reliable source. The next thing to do is not planting. There is a need to dully follow the below processes before planting. Failure to do these can elongate the germination period of your seed.  The processes are as follows;

  • Severely wash the cherry in water and ferment until the pulp is removed.
  • After the fermentation process, wash the coffee bean once again with fresh water. Watch out for soaked and float beans, they should be removed from the others.
  • Dry the coffee beans in an open area, however, not under the direct sunlight. Ensure the beans are dried up to twenty percent moisture content.

The dried beans can now be planted either in a nursery bed or on a good piece of land. This Pre-planting process will aid the quick germination of the beans.

Planting Stage

Growing a Coffee Beans

The already processed beans should be planted on damp but less moisture sand. The best soil for planting a coffee bean is a high humus content loamy soil. The soil for planting should be acidic soil with low pH content. Likewise, the soil should be very rich in Nitrogen content.

The hole should not be more than 1.25cm deep. After the seed has been placed in the hole, ensure you only sprinkle the soil on the surface. Make sure the seed is watered daily and that the water is neither too small or too much. Appropriate fertilizer as used in orchids can be used on coffee seeds too.

Post-Planting Stage

The next step after the planting process is the post-planting process. This process ensures adequate growth of the plant. However, it is important to know that the germination of coffee beans can take time.  The germination can be between three months and six months depending on the beans used.

The temperature in the environment should not be too cold so as not to affect the growth of the tree. The tree should be watered and fertilized twice per week. In a space of two years or more, the tree is expected to produce flowering and cherries.