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Tips For Painting Your Farmhouse

Is your farmhouse getting old and needs repainting? Or are you planning on building a new farmhouse with a nice paint look? What you need to know is not far fetched.

Painting your farmhouse can be quite a task. There are certain things you must put into consideration before beginning the undertaking to ensure that the new paint can last for a long time.

The condition of the farmhouse must be adequately evaluated before anything. The timing and climate changes must also be considered to complete the painting in due time.

You may also decide on whether to do the painting yourself or hire professional neighborhood painters. Whether you plan to turn your farm into a beautiful edifice of rural living or you just need to keep the building useful for years, a new coat of paint will make the difference.

What Are The Available Paint Type For Your Farmhouse?

While you may be tempted to get the least expensive kind of paint, remember your goal is to have a good looking and long-lasting paint job. After you may have decided on the color you want, then you will have to choose what type of paint you want.

Oil-Based Paints

Oil-based paints should be applied on surfaces where you want the finish to last for a long time. It can be a product of either natural oils or a synthetic alkylate, which makes them more durable than latex paints.

While this kind of paint has a stronger odor and takes longer to dry, its durability can not be compared with water-based paints.

Latex Paints

Latex paints are water-based paint. They are the most popular and environmentally friendly paint. Since latex paints guarantee great color retention, they are best used for exterior walls that face a lot of weathering. Latex paints dry quicker than the oil-based alternatives and emits fewer odors.

They are also a nice choice for interior walls that are subjected to a lot of moisture, Such as barn interiors and equipment washing rooms.

5 Tips On Painting Your Farmhouse

Picture Of tips for painting your farmhouse

A good painting on your farmhouse transforms the appearance of your farm. Aside from this, it is going to serve as a defense against insects, change in weather and other damages. These are 5 tips for painting your farmhouse.

1) Assessment

Assess the surface of your farmhouse before you start to paint. Cracks in the walls, leaks in the roof and other structural problems should be repaired before farmhouse painting. Although you may need to scrub some areas by hand, a power washer works well too.

2) Choose Your Color And Amount Of Paint Needed

Begin by checking out the general color characteristics.  Do you want a neutral or saturated color, a warm or a cool shade?

Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, select a few shades and get samples. Test the shades to see how they look on the exterior and interior of the farmhouse at different moments of the day.

Estimate the quantity of paint needed for the work to save yourself trips back to the paint store and wasted paint.

3)  Arrange The Walls And Interior

You don’t want spills of paint to get on your farm equipment or the stored crops. So, make sure you empty the room or get a drop cloth or flexible plastic sheet to cover the items. Use a rolling tape to map out the corners, moldings, windows doors, and the base.

4) Mix Your Paint And Pick Your Painting Strategy

Make use of a wooden paint stick to stir the paint, and repeat the action often throughout the project. If you are using more than one gallon of paint, join the cans in a large container in case there is a slight change in color. After this action, make sure your strategy is well laid out.

Don’t just start the painting roughly. Ideally, you start from the top of the farmhouse and down to the base. Don’t forget to keep enough ventilation during the painting process as it helps speed up the drying process.

5) Finish Up

After you have laid multiple coats, remove all painters’ tape and remove the drop cloths. Be certain that any splatters or spills of paint are dry before you remove them. Reorganize the items in the room to suit your taste.

To clean Latex or water-based paints, use water and soap to clean used brushes, while you will require mineral spirit to remove oil-based paints.

Importance Of Painting Your Farmhouse

Farmhouse painting is one of the most beneficial projects you can embark upon for your farm. Painting your farmhouse goes beyond selecting a paint color and plastering it on the wall.

There are benefits and importance attached to painting your farmhouse. Here are 4 importance of painting your farmhouse;

1) Protection Against Bad Weather

The look of your farmhouse is constantly exposed to various weather conditions, insects, and climate change. Therefore, adding quality paint to it will protect the surface of your farmhouse from getting damaged for years to come.

2) Remove Marks And Stains

It is impossible to keep your farmhouse as clean as it was when you first built or acquired it. But, a nice paint job can go a long way toward bringing back that much-needed cleanliness.  It will cover all scrubbed areas which have been marked and damaged over the years.

3) Increasing The Value Of Your Farm

It might seem unrealistic, but a nice paint job can increase the value of your farm significantly. Pick the best-suited colors that will make your farmhouse more visible and complement your garden seamlessly.

4) Maintain Good Overall Condition

Aside from protecting the exterior walls of your farmhouse from bad weather and insects. A quality paint job coats and protects the surface of window and door seals, too.

You won’t have to change the windows and doors as frequently. This way, lots of money is saved.


Although there is not a set timeline on when to paint your farmhouse, consideration should be given to weather changes, the quality of paint previously used(if you are repainting an old farmhouse) and whether to hire a professional or do the painting yourself.

Also, you must be careful not to go for cheap paint. This major effort could turn out to be a waste of time if the paint job doesn’t have a smooth look or a long lifespan because of low-quality paint.

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How Farmers Can Use Sales Funnel to Sell Their Vegetables

Picture Of Farmers Can Use Sales Funnel to Sell Their Vegetables

The hardest part of any agricultural process is sales. Sales determine the work done has been worth it. It would be of no use if you had many products and you had little or no idea how to market the products.

Grain and dairy farmers have an edge in marketing. They have a large and properly established market where they can sell their produce.

They also have the advantage of using their numbers to form cooperative societies, unions, and other existing organizations to determine the price.

The issue is different for small scale farmers particularly farmers of fruits and vegetables. The market for vegetables, whether you are a small scale farmer or on a commercial scale, requires developing unique systems.

Unique systems that are tailored to solve the unique marketing problems of the product as the market, as well as the production, are seasonal.

However, products are demanded all year round. Another peculiarity of the market is the high perishability of the product in question. Seeing how difficult this is, you would need a sales funnel to help you market your vegetables.

The Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a concept that refers to the path through which customers are led when they are buying a product. Creating and optimizing your sales funnel will help you gain control of your market.

The truth is, your customers have a range of options available to them. A well-planned sales funnel will help you get your customers the satisfaction they require from you.

By getting your customers the satisfaction that they require, you would see a noticeable increase in sales. The concept of the sales funnel is such that, with every step forward, the number of prospects reduces which is good.

Not everyone who shows initial interest in your vegetables has the intention of buying, so as you move further you are assured of actual intentions.

Check Out Design Coral For Tips On How To Build  Great Sales Page

There are four stages in the funnel which are: the awareness stage, the interest stage, the decision stage, the action stage.

How The Sales Funnel Works

1. Awareness Stage

At this stage of the funnel, your prospective customer is just aware of the existence of your product. For you, this stage involves making your product known to the public.

It starts with little effort such as putting up a friendly sign outside your farm making people aware that you have vegetables for sale. Running paid ads on related websites.

The process goes further as far as you attending farm fairs letting people know about your products. You could also create your own website online so people can easily reach you.

You can as well create adverts on food websites on the internet, so people can easily get to you. One very important thing that you should note however is that a perfect understanding of your product is needed for you at this stage.

Who are your prospective buyers? What do they want? The answers to these questions will give you a lead on designing the proper adverts that will catch the attention that you need.

2. Interest Stage

At this stage of the funnel, your prospective customers are fully aware and are interested in your products. At this point, they pick your vegetables and take a closer look.

One thing to put in mind here is that they have options. So put short but relevant information on the ads you are running, on your home page. Guide them through making an informed decision on the benefits of your products.

Are your vegetables organic? Let them know why it more beneficial to eat organic foods. Let him know how healthy his choice of vegetable is. Allow him the opportunity of seeing the benefits of eating such a vegetable as he is interested in.

3. Decision Phase

At this stage, the prospective customer is very interested in the product and a decision is to be made. You should have it in mind that a majority of those coming in to purchase are in search of a good deal.

They have options and as such, you must give the best in other to make sales. You should be talking about the unique offers and discounts that come with buying from you. Are you doing a “buy one get one free” promotion, now is the time to talk about it.

4. Action Stage

At this stage, the customer decides whether to buy or not. In most cases, people mistake this stage as the stage where there is nothing to do. Nothing is far more from the truth.

Whether you make a sale or not, you should go further in getting feedbacks. For those who got the products, find out how you can improve. By so doing you are finding out what your customers want exactly.

On the other hand, in a case where there are no sales, you should also try to find out why. This will help you adjust appropriately so that such wouldn’t happen again. You should also note that at this point, the idea is not a one-time purchase.

In a bid to have them come back, you need to throw in some incentives. You could have discounts for existing customers, referral coupons, etc.


The process of coming up with a sales funnel that works is a continuous process.  A process that involves evaluation and re-evaluation of the process until you have optimized it.

As customers need change, so should your strategies change. You get a clearer view of what your customers need and check the success of the system.

A successful sales funnel should:

  • Help you capture the attention of buyers
  • See them become customers that return for more purchase
  • Grant you the confidence of your customers so they can get your referrals.
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How Is MCT Oil Made?

The medium-chain triglyceride oil, also known as MCT oil, is now widely accepted amidst nutritionists. The high nutritional value it provides is the reason for its acceptance.

It is a copy of the naturally found oil in certain foods and fruits especially coconut oil, palm kernel and a lot of dairy products.  Because this oil is so nutritious to the body, it was synthesized by scientists to make it more available.

Research has shown that there are many benefits of MCT Oil. A very prominent one is that it helps with weight loss and management and it is also a very good source of energy.

There is a lot of research on the other benefits of MCT Oil and it is still undergoing study. Such benefits like the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, liver disease, diarrhea, gastrointestinal diseases, etc.

How Is MCT Oil Produced?

MCT Oil is industrially made and the major process of making it is through fractionation. During this process, the Medium-chain triglyceride is extracted from their natural sources, coconut being the major one and isolated.

During isolation, some acids are not usually extracted for some reason. Acids like Caprylic acids (C8) and Capric acid (C10) are the main components of the MCT oil.

The major reason is that some of the acids are not too useful or have an unusual smell or bad taste. The Caprylic acids and Capric acids are easily absorbed into the bloodstream making it faster to perform the necessary functions.

The major advantage that MCT oils have over other acids is the length of its carbon chains. Medium-chain triglyceride is so-called because of the medium amount of carbon chains. It consists of about 6 to 12 carbons.

The Major Types Of MCTs

There are four major types of fatty acids found in MCTs. Although, the synthesized oil may not contain all of these acids as found in their natural form. The fatty acids are Caproic acid (C6), Caprylic acid (C8), Capric acid (C10) and Lauric acid (C12).

1. Caproic acid (C6):

This fatty acid is characterized by bad smell and taste. This major reason is why it is not isolated during MCT oil synthesis. Although, it is easily converted into ketone.

2. Caprylic acid (C8):

This fatty acid makes up 7% of coconut oil. It is also termed the Brain Octane Oil. It is the most preferred acid for energy because it produces more energy for the brain to use and at a faster rate than its counterparts.

When extracted from coconut oil and in its pure form, it is more effective.

3. Capric acid (C10):

This fatty acid like the above one also makes up 7% of coconut oil. This acid converts oil into ketone at a slower rate than Caprylic acid.

But because it is more affordable, it is very popular in the market. It is also very effective in performing the required functions.

4. Lauric acid (C12):

Coconut oil consists of almost half of this acid. About 49% of it. Some would rather tag it as a long-chain triglyceride than a medium-chain triglyceride because it doesn’t get digested immediately.

It has to get to the liver first. This mechanism is not a characteristic of a medium-chain triglyceride. Although it possesses some antimicrobial qualities, it does not supply energy as well as C8 and C10 do.

How To Use MCT Oils

The oils and supplements can be used based on your discretion or based on whichever form you have. They come in oil, and powder form, depending on how fast you want to see results.

The only caution that needs to be taken is to follow the instructions of your nutritionist or health adviser. Mostly, the dosage comes with the products.

But for special cases, make sure to consult a doctor. In some cases, you can mix the supplements with foods, especially the powder forms or have it taken as pills.

For children, it can also be taken through the mouth. It should take up about 60% of the number of calories that they take in.

While in the case of adults who are critically ill and cannot feed normally, they can get the supplements intravenously (IV). The supplement would serve as a source of fat, albeit healthy fat. Here is a list of options on how to use your MCT Oil:

  • Cook With It:

Yes, this is one of the best ways to make use of the oil. The fear that the nutritional value will reduce while cooking is not valid. It heats stable to a reasonable extent. The caution is to not overcook it. You could just pour it over an almost finished food. ‘

  • Make Smoothies With It:

Smoothies are a common favorite amongst people, therefore it is frequently taken. Adding MCT Oils to your smoothies makes it ingestible for you as you would almost not feel its presence.

  • Add To Coffee:

Starting to get the picture that the MCT Oil goes in just about anything. This recipe makes a great coffee with added nutrients of course.

  • Make Salad Dressing:

Not satisfied with the sold salad dressings with preservatives? You could make yours with MCT Oils. It works just as well as the other oils, only more nutritious and gives more energy with less fat.

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Tips To Design Your Gardening Website

Even when you’re a non-technical user, you can construct a website in under one hour all by yourself. So yes, you can construct a website in under an hour even if you’re not technical (and even from your cellular phone). OK, perhaps you just need an easy website with basic features great!

In some instances, your site is the very first impression made to prospective clients. For instance, people who see your website on their smartphones should not need to pinch, zoom or swipe only to see the content. Think about the benefits The pros are what makes nearly all of the people to really think about heading to the ideal site or gardening company.

You may set up your site and be on your way to creating your blog with only a few easy clicks. Nobody likes a site that is so busy and distracting they can’t find fundamental details. Moreover, the site delivers a number of resources with a quick list device as a reliable way to rank prospects. On the flip side, if you’re developing a multilingual site, it is important to pay attention that the links are also translated into various languages.

You will need a site and some business cards. Therefore, if you want to create a website with tools so easy you may be ready to go in just 20 minutes, continue reading.

For beginners, it is wise to adhere to the basics like hot water bath canning and freezing. If so, you’re an expert and we admire you.

Longtime neighborhood gardeners could know about the nurseries in your region, including which ones to prevent. The best thing about container gardening is that whether you rent your residence or apartment, you can take your garden alongside you! You can opt to design your garden to mimic the plan of your house, or it doesn’t need to be related to your house whatsoever. Without proper place, it will unable to create a stunning garden. Actually, designing your own garden from scratch is not so difficult. But designing your own website from scratch is!

That why I always use Thrive Themes. This article goes over all the thrive themes examples so you can see what a clean design they have

The Start of Design Your Gardening Website

Sure, you may have big plans for your site, but a steady stream of donations can definitely accumulate. The future of internet design doesn’t code The web has been in existence for 25 decades, but we are still trailblazing. You absolutely can earn a shift. During human history, tech progress was made on top of earlier technology. Classic design processes may often be compared to building a home. The results will reveal your mobile and desktop performance and a number of tips on how best to correct the issues if any. There are a lot of choices for a client-side implementation, based on the degree of information and control you want to make available, and the platforms you prefer to support.

Not only are you able to damage the site code but in addition cause a Google penalty. You may also utilize available templates to assist with the planning practice. You are able to search the plan through the internet. At first, web design seems to be a type of graphic design. Minimalist design has been popular for some time now and is ideal for authoritative blogs, portfolios and company websites.

The Argument About Design Your Gardening Website

As soon as you’ve made updates to your website, look at revamping some of your previous content to provide your site a complete overhaul. There are quite a lot of resources that will enable you to design a logo at no cost, and a few of the unicorns in the business will even permit you to download it without needing to pay a penny.

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Why Everybody Is Completely Wrong About Interior Home Painters

Empty walls in your house can be full of varied sizes of famous art prints. Painting the inside of your house or investment apartment increases the worth of your premises. Which is the reason why it is normal to want to repaint the interior of your house regularly to make sure that it’s in tip-top form.

interior home painters

Exterior painter ought to choose the most efficient quality of product. Benefits of Hiring Professionals Interior painting projects need a considerable amount of specialized knowledge and practical experience. Careful color selection is vital.

Decorating a new house is a challenging project to make an inspiring design. Center of Attraction Painting isn’t only about giving a fresh appearance to the walls. Painting Contractor Bringing the correct Painting Contractor to your house, company or apartment isn’t an effortless undertaking.

When it has to do with a painting undertaking, hardwood floors are the very last thing on your mind. Try out painting a modest unnoticeable portion of the floor (below the couch or under the cabinet) to know whether painting it’s a superb idea. There are four standard finishes available that you are able to choose.

Renovating a house can be quite stressful particularly if you don’t even understand where and how to get started. Much preparation should be considered before simply applying paint. If you would like to drastically improve your home then you will most likely wish to speak to some professional St Cloud area painters that may help you.

Furthermore, the face painting websites tell you regarding the precautions, especially while managing the kids. You’ve got to also research comparing the time period where the work would be completed too. The painter would use his experience to ascertain an appropriate mixture based on the essence of the job.

It’s possible to hire experienced painters and receive the work done quickly. You don’t need to be a professional to do a fantastic job of painting your house’s interior space. When it has to do with painting, patience is critical.

Once you’re able to check at the particular kind of painting, thereafter only it would become simpler for you to acquire the suitable quotation also. Therefore, you’ve got to always consider the certain type of painting which you should get done. Our painting is beginning to be known around Jacksonville and we are pleased to observe that.

Moreover, instead of merely contacting a single painter, you’ve got to contact several painters and they’d be able to supply such a quotation for you. You are able to speak to any Del Mar painter and they’d be in a position to supply you with the quotation. They all employ a wealth of painting knowledge and are considered professionals in the industry.

You have to at all times make sure that whenever you’re selecting the painter, you have the ability to find a written contract as well so you have the ability to get things done the proper way. You will have the ability to acquire your head at ease. There really isn’t any magic to getting good customers who want the job done and who are delighted to pay.

There are millions of paint colors readily available today so you won’t locate any difficulty in locating the most perfect one for your house. The most frequent interior paint designing dilemma is choosing the correct colors for your dwelling. There are a couple areas close to the foundation of the house that we will fix using cement mix.

What to Expect From Interior Home Painters?

Sometimes you’re just searching for some change in your dwelling. What’s more, if you like to earn your home is unique, you also will need to involve family member to talk about their idea and creativity. Now you have been living in your house for some moment, you are most likely wanting to update with a completely new appearance.

If you wish to offer you home an amazing fashionable appearance, you need to be bold. A piece on your house will allow it to be a fantastic focus. Repainting also can be a means to personalize your house and make it feel as though your own.

The Interior Home Painters Chronicles

On the regional platforms, you would have the ability to find the reviews of the painting service too. Your house is the one most important investment you could ever make and we hope that you realize that hiring the ideal painting service is vital to the outcome and caliber of your painting projects. You’ve got to at all times make certain that the painters which you’re shortlisting for hiring should have a suitable contractor’s license.

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Muddy Boots CSA

Muddy Boots CSA is a collaboration between three farmers—Kingsbury Market Garden being one. Learn about our CSA collaboration. Sign up for lovely, organic produce.

Muddy Boots CSA is a joint effort between Kingsbury Market Garden,  Burnt Rock Farm in Huntington and Woods Market Garden.  It was started in 2012 in Partnership with Pakeen Farm in Canton MA.  2013 saw the opening of a Mad River Valley pickup location at Kingsbury Market Garden.  We are pleased to be offering shares again in 2014.  The group CSA concept is compelling because it allows the 3 farms to concentrate on growing a few crops well and provides extra security in this world of crazy weather that we are living in.

Between the 3 of  us there are over 40 acres of crops to choose from and over 2 acres of greenhouses.  We offer the most reasonably priced and highest quality CSA shares in Central VT.  Our shares start with strawberries and tomatoes and end with black beans and sweet potatoes.  Extra salad greens, carrots, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and kale (we are undoubtably the only CSA in the area where shareholders feel like they don’t get enough kale) are available at near wholesale price to shareholders only.   In addition to produce, bread shares from Green Rabbit Bakery and a unique dairy produce share  from Plowgate Creamery will be available.