What Are The Best Mattresses For Gardeners?

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The mattress industry is one of the oldest industries in the world with the oldest mattress being as old as 77,000 years old.

As the man continues to evolve, there is a continuous need for comfort. This need has driven all aspects of our lives to create new products. Among these comfort-driven products is the mattress.

Over the years, the industry has evolved from just providing comfort during sleep. Consequently, the industry, which is presently valued at 27 billion USD would climb up to 43 billion USD in 4 years, has indeed seen a lot of innovations in its 77,000 years of existence.

Top among these innovations have been helpful in orthopedic medicine, sleep therapy, and a range of other fields.

Do you know, waking up in the morning with lower back pain that lasts between 15 to 30 minutes could be a sign that you are sleeping on a wrong mattress type for you?

Research, conducted in Spain, suggests that prolonged back pain in adults had a lot to do with the firmness of their mattresses. Needless to say, one of the most important factors asides lights, room temperature, and others required for a night of good sleep is getting the right mattress.

What Are The Best Mattresses For Gardeners? Saatava, Avocado, Nectar, Titan and the Wink bed are your best bets.

Top 4 Mattress For Gardeners

Here are a few reasons why you should choose one of these mattresses:

  1. Saatava:

The most important factor that determines if someone would purchase a commodity is the price. With this factor in mind, for anyone seeking comfort within the confines of a tight budget, Saatava mattresses might be just the best option.

The innerspring mattresses with queen size, going for as low as $1,100, seeks to please your sleep and your pockets. More so, it supports heavyweight people and comes in three firmness options (plush soft, firm and luxury firm).

It has lumbar support and comes with cotton cover and an optional organic pillow. Just like every other innerspring bed; Saatava is widely recommended for people with lower back pain. Saatava comes with a 20-year warranty to its name.

  1. Avocado:

This mattress type comes in handy for environmentally conscious people. The mattress which has low emissions also comes with an optional pillow top. You can sleep well knowing you do not contribute damage to the environment.

Furthermore, since the bed is made from natural materials, people with allergies can sleep without worrying about a thing.

The mattress which is a hybrid combines both latex technology and that of spring technology to give you the sleep you deserve. The mattress has a GreenGuard gold certification.

  1. Nectar:

As mentioned earlier, cost remains a foremost factor when anyone is buying anything. That is why, if you are going for a mattress within the confines of your budget, you should consider Nectar mattress.

Nectar mattresses are a special type of memory mattress that relatively costs $250 less than other brands of memory Mattresses. Unlike other types where users complain of sagging, too thin or too soft. Nectar mattresses are thick, 11 inches tall and 6.5 rating in terms of firmness (on a 1-10 scale).

It has a four foam layer construct that gives you premium support. Furthermore, it comes with gel memory and a standard memory top that helps to align the spine. Its medium firmness sees to it that heavy people don’t sink in when they sleep.

Also, it comes with a high-density poly-foam that prevents sagging. For people who prefer to sleep cool, Nectar mattresses come with cotton and lyocell toping that makes for a cool surface.

The mattress is silent while bearing weight and absorbs motion very efficiently. This feature makes it a choice for partners when one of them is easily awoken by slight movements.

To cap it all, the mattress comes with a 365 days trial and return if not satisfied which is about the longest trial available for any mattress brand. They not only come at affordable prices, but the mattress also comes with as much as a 25% discount, giving you value for your money.

  1. Titan :

This mattress has a big name to itself. One of the best manufacturers of mattresses in the United States (Brooklyn beddings) manufactures this mattress. It is very durable as it comes with a 20year warranty.

Furthermore, the mattress allows for people who enjoy cool sleep as it maximizes airflow and its breathable polyester cover. It allows for motion isolation as well and gives low noise.

Moreover, the Titan mattress is cheap, with its queen sizes starting from prices as low as $999. It is an innerspring mattress that uses coils for optimum support and it gives a natural feel.

The mattresses, like other innerspring types, are good for people with lower back pain and can support overweight people. However, the mattresses do not come with discounts usually.


For the proper functioning of the body, humans need sleep. Mattresses come in different types as you have read and their need varies from person to person. Hence the need for you to understand how to select your next mattress.

The best way to know what suits you the most is to test the mattress before going for them. The matters you would be picking among other things, the mattress not too soft, causing the spine to curve. When a mattress that is too hard might stress or bend the spine.

Studies show that pushing your hand in between your back and the mattress helps you measure the difference. If after pushing your hand through, there is enough space, it suggests that such a bed might be too soft for you.

Where no space in between is a sign that such mattress is too hard for you. However, pushing through with just enough shows that such a mattress is good for you.